Legend "A Knight's Opera"

by Original artwork release (Lori Schneider)

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An innovative conceptual rock opera blending progressive, pop and classical influences with enchanting female vocals and melodic rock instrumentals.

The digital format is somewhat incompatible with this album since it was intended to be listened to in its entirety with no pauses between tracks, however tracks 7, 21 and 22 can be stand alone tracks.

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released February 2, 2004

Written, Produced and Arranged by Lori Llyn
Co-Produced by Joe Cesare

The Musicians:
Lori Llyn: vocals, keyboards, flute
Joe Cesare: electric bass, electric guitar (Track 7)
Anthony Zammit: electric guitar
Toro Gianchino: drums, percussion


all rights reserved



Lori Llyn New York

Singer-Songwriter. Blending influences from traditional folk, celtic lore, and medieval chant; inspired by nature, mythology and fantasy and world music.

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Track Name: The Sun
The Sun, the sun, the sun is rising
it does appear that daylight is coming
finally, finally, finally to gaze
upon the days ahead when life is true
the bells are ringing Treseblu
His crown is bright and lights the horizon
in a sapphire sky, his heart is the diamond
finally the day a promise was made
that touched upon the many and the few
the bells are ringing Treseblu
Remember these days, remember these days
for the time will arrive when we must part the ways.
The night won't be long, your life shall endure somehow,
just look toward the east to find your way home.
Track Name: He's The One
Do you think he's the one,
do you think he's the one,
this lad is growing fast
his eyes are burning like the sun.
Do you think that he'll see,
Do you think that he'll always see
the fire in all of us
and bring to life the truth we seek.
So let us wonder and let the thunders roar
bearing the falcon's crest
he will cease the dragon's mighty quest for war.
Track Name: The Unveiling
Lover, let us share this night,
the stars are whispering that your time is ripe.
Oh lover, shall I unveil my face?
Let us share this honey wine
and may our hearts embrace.
Track Name: Dark Knight
Beware the dark knight,
his heart has lost the light
forsaking justice with the fall.
Beware the dark knight,
he shall not win this fight
and take the honor from us
Track Name: Legend
My how he's grown to be
strong as the elder tree
fierce yet so pure of heart
one with a vision
Oh, what does he see
He'll be a legend
a timeless name
born to fire he's the flame.
The stars will always bear his name eternally.
My how his eyes are bright
glowing with noble light
calm as a summer's sky, swift as a falcon
Oh, what does he see.
He'll be a legend
a timeless name
born to fire he's the flame.
The stars will always bear his name eternally.
Track Name: Before the Queen
Before the Queen
He stands before the queen
he stands before the queen
He is a knight.
Track Name: Silent Day
Oh what a silent day
do you think he'll find his way
he's lost among the trees
and the day has fallen
into the western sky.
The days of merriment
just seem a dream of the past
but how very very long
does the darkness last.
When the light returns in the east
let him heed our warning
Will he find his way
Let him find his way
He will find his way
Guide his flight
he's ordained to be a king.
Track Name: Dark Lord
Oh Dark Lord
have your black angels
taken hostage upon him
Oh Dark Lord
abandon your quest
for our spirits grow weary and cold.
Oh Dark Lord, Oh Dark Lord,
Oh Dark Lord, Oh Dark Lord
Oh Dark Lord
have you no mercy when
bloodshed is coming.
Oh Dark Lord
empower the king
for your hate has grown weary and old.
Track Name: Second Rite
Behold, the charm wakens Treseblu
At last, the three fates are watching you
Beware, what is unleashed with unbound despair;
The dragon's free,
but in the end you will be king.
Oh let us pray for Treseblu oh let us pray
Malleus Maleficarum they dare to claim
Track Name: Where is He?
Where is he, I can't imagine where he'd be.
If by solemn chance, heaven finds him first,
that is where my heart will always be.
Oh where is he, and when will he ever see
that he always was meant to be
here in my heart.
Oh where is he, was that his voice I heard
or just a whisper in the trees.
I'll search this land and every sea
from now until eternity.
Within this night I'll praise tomorrow,
though my heart bleeds, with so much sorrow;
I'll pray each day away until he returns.
Track Name: The End is Near
The end is near, we have to get out of here.
The end is near, we have to get out of here.
End this fear, we have to overcome--
behind the distant drums of war are roaring

Oh the charm of making has been taken Treseblu
Oh, the dragon's spirit,
it is lusting in the shadows Treseblu
Track Name: We Will Remain (Reprise)
Oh where is the sun,
so great was the cost to be gazed upon.
We will remain
let us wait until morning and search once again
though he's lost at a cost
we shall continue to search every day
for his call.
Was it only a dream,
it is hard to recall but
how real it all seemed.
We must search every way
though the shadows are hiding
the heart of his gaze.
Though he's lost at a cost,
we shall continue to fight every day,
for his cause.
Track Name: Save Burgundy
Alas the tide is ever changing,
the dragon's scourge upon the sky.
The kings' already left the courtyard,
the prince is wounded, bound and tied.
Oh Save Burgundy, Oh Save Burgundy,
Oh Save Burgundy,
and let him go.
Alas the tide is ever changing,
the sword has fallen from the sky.
Within the west the sun is setting
and one can hear the village cry
Oh Save Burgundy, Oh Save Burgundy,
Oh Save Burgundy.
Alas the tide is ever changing;
so many shields of empty pride;
within this night a storm is raging
beneath a gray and misty sky.
Oh Save Burgundy, Oh Save Burgundy,
Oh Save Burgundy
and let us go.
Track Name: Treseblu (Acoustic)
In a sad shadow she wept by the tower,
the clamors hit hard on the sills of the flowers,
the roses are bleeding and hearts wounded deeply,
the pools are like crimson;
the children are weeping.
Treseblu, Treseblu, Treseblu,
may the fire in summerland's judgment
be kinder to you.
The soldiers, the soldiers, less one screaming falcon
bound west by the banner of Cordahan's passion
Surrender, surrender, surrender
you've gone astray.
Forgive, forgive, forgive
may they all come to pray
Treseblu, Treseblu, Treseblu,
may the fire in summerland's judgment
be kinder to you.
Fallen knight, fallen knight
can you speak to me, share the clarity
of your vision, are you there, don't despair
keep reaching for the light
Fallen knight, fallen knight
have you crossed the line, broke the silver vine,
worshipping thy mighty king, the land shall rise
to hear your trumpets sing.
(Reste Twa, Reste Twa, Reste Twa, Treseblu,
Jeunne Homme nous sommes avec twa,
Jeunne homme nous sommes avec twa,
Jeunne Homme nous sommes avec twa tu, Treseblu)
Treseblu, Treseblu
come so sweet and ever silent
yet they cast you out with violent fury.
All the forests cry for you
Dear Treseblu,
may the heaven's come to finally honor you.

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