Weaver's Tapestry- Sampler

by Crystal Rose

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Here is a 7-track sampler of Crystal Rose's second CD.


released November 1, 2001

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Lori Llyn New York

Singer-Songwriter. Blending influences from traditional folk, celtic lore, and medieval chant; inspired by nature, mythology and fantasy and world music.

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Track Name: Keep Racing Time
It was a blue-skyed sunny day in September
The caravan was on its way
to carry what was left of the holiday dreamer
and the lazy summer blues of yesterday.

You never know what it feels like to be alive
until you traveled to the other side
Swallowed by the south into a hungry river
never quite sure your going with the tide.


But if we stop just for today
reveal the moment before the future takes it away
If you feel it now, you'll feel it then
and wonder how you'd ever feel this way again without it.


But there you go again you keep on racing time
getting to the end is just another part of
Life is just to feel the rain looking for the sun
so it can start all over again.

Lately, you know I’ve been feeling a little bit humbled, as the changes start coming around
To keep looking in the mirror of the springtime maiden
just to see the tarnish of her mighty crown.
But then the time will finally come when I'm feeling stronger
and the magic of the maiden appears
To carry what is left of the old and forgotten,
and the dry and haggard memory of those barren fears.
Track Name: A Better Way
A lucky star
You know the sun's not far away
and the night was only missing
your gentle kiss today
The kiss that calms my fears
that catch the falling tears
and I could only thank the love
the love that sent you here


I'll remember in the time that I was lonley
you stood right by my side
Kept my dreams from fading
taught me not to hide
Rescued me from drowning
and vanishing into the gray
to find the warrior in my soul
and to find a better way.

A golden chain
you know it eased the pain somehow
cause in the center lies a rose
within a heart it found a home
to rest your guiding hand
reveal your gentle eyes
reflect the strength within your heart
a heart that tells no lies.

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Burgundy Velvet
The lamp is burning dimly, there’s a crack inside the wall
A picture hangs upon it as its life just fills the hall
A candle barely flickers, through the window you can see
A time so long forgotten but reborn inside a dream seen through


Burgundy Velvet looks so right
against a soft and starry night
within a castle chamber burned a tale of woe
that brushed against a heart so long ago
embraced in burgundy velvet

Like a dream that is enchanted by a special place in time
The cat is in the corner as the clock begins to chime
The magic seems to come alive
In the attic walls the treasures hide
Pearls and lace and iron chains
the only link to the legacy remains in

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The Great Awakening
Sweet as the fairies sing the canaries, woodlands are echoing with their song. Singing so happily in every oak and elder tree, the making of their children won’t be long.


And when the tide of spring is here, (so the days grow long)
and youth of springing buds appear. (and the heat grows strong)
Behold, the ancient fires bring (if you have the sight to see)
the great awakening!

Light do the winds blow, high do the flowers grow
welcoming the lady as she returns.
Bright is the sunlight, bringing everything to life,
the magic of the Beltane fire burns.


Go to see the applewood burn on a summer’s night
Glow, glowing brightly as it burns with a golden light
Feel, Feel the flame as it flickers up to the sky
better make a sudden wish on a falling star, before you let it get to far away.
Track Name: Choose Your Hunger
A picture perfect concept
refrain from all desire
I feel like I’m on fire
as this life force keeps on flowing.
Within the inner kingdom
it burns with zero mercy
and will god shine down upon me
bring the strength to keep on going.


The purness of the dove
escapes the lust that’s veiled in love
rise to the eternal wonder.
I heard the word don’t feed the greed
pierce the heart until it bleeds
let it go or choose your hunger.

It’s hard to say I’m sorry
when this darkness is upon me
it hurts the soul to speak or see
while it searches through this world so aimlessly
for a place, a space, a warm embrace,
but there’s only time for missing
the things that mean the most to me
as they drown into the turmoil of a bitter sea
but the...

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