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As you enter the Island of Apples a seed is awakened, it will bear every root, every bud, every fruit every tree. The center is calm like the eye of a hurricane, stirred by flames of the sun, and cleansed by the rain, and the ocean continues to carry its name.


Oh Glastonbury, such magic in the air, Oh Glastonbury, the tales and the legends are still living there.

To gaze at the Tor from the foothills at the hour of midnight
The tower looms large as it stands ever strong on the hill.
The labyrinth weaving, revealing its history, the ancestors singing the tales of its mystery,and their voices continue to echo its name. (repeat chorus)

The springs ever flow as they grow from the heart of the Goddess, She offers her blood to the earth wherein lies the seed. Deep from Her womb bearing gifts we may never see, traveling many fine paths through the winding trees and the forest continues to u[hold its name. (repeat chorus)

At the hour of dawn you can hear the call of a raven. A shadow is cast as it flies ever high in the sky. It comes to bring wisdom from the land of its ancient home, coming to rest on the edge of the sacred stone and the circle continues to honor its name (repeat chorus)


from Glastonbury, released October 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Lori Llyn New York

Singer-Songwriter. Blending influences from traditional folk, celtic lore, and medieval chant; inspired by nature, mythology and fantasy and world music.

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